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October 3 - November 23 2013

"Set majestically on the banks of the River Thames, the Mill at Sonning Theatre now celebrates more than 30 years of entertainment. Uniquely, as the only dinner theatre in the United Kingdom, it has gained unrivalled praise both nationally and internationally."

"Truly successful stage thrillers from the 20th century onwards being as rare as hen’s teeth (Sleuth, Wait Until Dark, Rope... that’s about it), the discovery of another in the shape of Peter Colley’s I’ll Be Back Before Midnight is a theatrical event of some significance. "Midnight" is a tautly tempered production that has audiences on the edge of their seats throughout.  Colley uses all his ingenuity to shift the finger of suspicion around the group.  The bloody denouement, which I watched between hands held to my eyes, proves a satisfying conclusion to a very well managed production."  
Oxford Times- Chris Gray

"You are guaranteed to be sitting on the edge of your seat... a dark and devious plot that will keep you gripped at every unexpected twist and turn, but it is also peppered with black comedy that ensures a thoroughly entertaining evening... suspense and tension exploding in a fitting climax." 
The Henley Standard - Mary Scriven

"There is a new chill in the air, whispers sweeping across the banks of the Thames. The historic Mill at Sonning theatre is holding a dark secret... a new menace behind the corridor's creaking floorboards, a sinister force masked through the rustling of its curtains... I'll be Back Before Midnight is a fun thriller with an unexpected twist - beware the dark corridors of The Mill!" 
Wokingham Times - Jon Nurse

"Has all the classic ingredients - a remote house, a likeable 'character' of a neighbour, tales of ghostly goings on, a bagful of false clues - and moments of high tension that will have you gripping the arm of your seat... a highly entertaining evening that will set your pulse racing."
Maidenhead Advertiser - Ian Berrido

"You won’t catch me going to see Peter Colley’s I’ll Be Back Before Midnight on Hallowe’en. It’s way too scary! But, oh, how I enjoyed it! It has everything you’d ever want in a good, old-fashioned frightener, from wonderfully creepy sound effects, to characters wielding sickles, bodies, hooded figures, blood coming out of the floorboards… in fact, the lot! Horror aficionados couldn’t wish for anything better. As in the best mysteries, all is not as it seems, and there are a few occasions when you will surely jump out of your seats." 
UK Theatre Network - Clare Brotherwood

"Our picks of the top theatre productions across Berkshire this week: "I'll Be Back Before Midnight"!