PETER COLLEY Playwright-Screenwriter


A psychological thriller based on the play "I'll Be Back Before Midnight" by Peter Colley.  
Screenplay by Peter Colley

Produced in Los Angeles by Crystal Sky Productions/ Apricot Entertainment. Starring Heather Locklear, Ned Beatty, Robert Carradine, Emma Samms and Susannah York. Based on the stage play "I'll Be Back Before Midnight!" by Peter Colley.  Sole credit screenplay.  Associate Producer.  Distributed by Prism Entertainment domestically / C.I.C. (Paramount/ Universal) foreign.  Premiered on SHOWTIME, played on The Movie Channel / E! Entertainment Channel / U.S.A. Channel.

From:  (customer reviews)  Four and a half of Five Stars

From:     Four of Five Stars

"A visionary, dark, erotic and disturbing tale that is definitely filled with "Illusions."  Heather Locklear does a fabulous job of portraying a former mental patient, Jan, who is released after her nightmares and hallucinations that got her put away, come to a sudden stop.  Jan's husband Greg (Robert Carradine) has just purchased a new house in the mountains, so the happily married couple moves there.  However, Jan's happiness is spoiled when Greg's sister, Laura (Emma Samms) comes for a visit. Jan's nightmares and hallucinations begin once again as she realizes that Laura and Greg might have a rather different brother-sister relationship than most, and that Laura may be trying to drive her insane.  Overall, "Illusions" is a highly original, intense drama that is similar to a character study, as we see the emotional ups-and-downs of Jan.  All the performances are excellent, most notably by Locklear and Samms. 
The script by Peter Colley (who adapted from his stageplay "Ill be Back before Midnight") is extremely thrilling, sexy and full of intense situations. Director Victor Kulle makes this, as already stated, a visionary experience, making the entire film look like a dream.  I bought "Illusions" from a local video store, having seen the reviews and cases for it on the internet.  It's surprisingly a very good movie, considering the budget it was on."


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Heather Locklear as Jan

Emma Samms as Laura

Heather Locklear


Robert Carradine and Heather Locklear

Ned Beatty as George

Robert Carradine and Heather Locklear

Emma Samms


The author backstage with Susannah York

Hanging out with Heather


Early morning after a long night's shoot with Ned Beatty

Backstage with Emma Samms


Checking a scene through the lens

With Heather at the wrap party (the photographer was so excited he moved the camera, hence the blur... )

Released in Germany as: "Traume Der Angst"

Italian Version