PETER COLLEY Playwright-Screenwriter

The Movie

Based On The Stage Play By Peter Colley 
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Produced by Vestron (Los Angeles) and Brightstar Films (Toronto). 

Directed by Academy Award nominated director Bruce Pittman (The Painted Door).  

Starring Wendy Crewson (co-star of "The Santa Clause/Air Force One"), and August Schellenberg (co-star "Free Willy"/ "Blackrobe"). 

Based on the stage play "The Mark Of Cain" by Peter Colley.  Mr. Colley co-wrote the screenplay.



Poster from the French version of the film.

Another poster from the French version: "La Marque De Cain"






Released by Vestron Video in the U.S., and shown on First Choice and SuperChannel in Canada.  


French Version

Finland Version

Brazilian Version


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