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A Musical

NOTE: This play is designed for the Canadian market only
An American version is currently being planned


2014 - The War Show named as one of ONTARIO'S TOP TEN AWARDS by the Ontario Arts Review:
"Music Theatre Mississauga’s undertaking of "THE WAR SHOW" - a musical about the Canadian involvement in WWII as seen through the 
eyes of the soldiers - recaptured both the pathos and humor of war.  Director Alexander Galant pulled no punches. 
There’s death on the battlefield; there’s rear-projected newsreels and scenery so that the stage remains almost bare except for props.  
Yet the whole thing really works.  Bravo!"

CAST:  6 Males, 2 Females (Minimum with doubling, many more without doubling)
Single multi-purpose set

THE STORY:  "YOU'LL GET USED TO IT" traces a squad of Canadian soldiers and the women in their lives, from the beginning of their enlistment, to the final victory of World War II.  From the rambunctious comedy of their boot camp days, to chasing girls in England, to  the terrors of D-Day, this play captures the essence of that era through humour, songs, and drama.  

Ø YOU'LL GET USED TO IT! is not your typical musical.  It is very emotional... full of tears and laughter.  It perfectly captures the spirit of the war years.”   The Toronto Star

Ø  “The epilogue hushes an audience that has been enjoying itself to make the point that the human race did survive, but not totally with honour. Audiences are undoubtedly prepared to enjoy “YOU'LL GET USED TO IT!” for all its sad memories.”  The Toronto Globe & Mail


FASCINATING STORY!  A GREAT REVIEW from the Ottawa Citizen and a fascinating human-interest story 
from the Kanata Theatre, Ottawa, production.
For details click on the thumbnail below or

The Rose Theatre, Brampton 2010

Hamilton Theatre, 2011

"Just got home from seeing the show for the second time... as fantastic as it was on opening night, it was even more delicious tonight!  It was bold and still so sweet, a silky flow of words and music - truly treat to behold."  FB

This musical play was commissioned and dramaturged by Heinar Piller, Artistic Director of The Grand Theatre in London, Ontario, Canada, where it received its premiere.  It subsequently transferred to the Performing Theatre Company in Toronto.  Since then it has been produced in many other professional regional theatres.  A Canadian tour ended in a sold-out run at the Muskoka Festival Theatre.  There have been record-breaking productions at The Gryphon Theatre and The Lighthouse Theatre, as well as recent sold-out productions at the Drayton Festival Theatre and Mississauga Music Theatre (both these productions added performances due to ticket demand).  Other recent productions include The Sunshine Festival in Orillia and The Stirling Festival, and the Western Canada Theatre Company and The Port Summer Theatre in 2000.  In 2001 it has been seen at the Huron Country Playhouse and the King’s Wharf Theatre.  Recent productions include the Langham Court Theatre, Victoria BC, The Kanata Theatre, Ottawa and in 2007 The Newmarket Stage Company and the Georgetown Music Theatre as well as the beautiful Rose Theatre in Brampton.  The play was published jointly by Simon & Pierre/The Dundurn Press and is now available through the Playwrights Guild of Canada.  In 2011 Alex Mustakas, the Artistic Director of Canada's famous Drayton Festival compared The War Show's power to shows like Big River and Blood Brothers.   




Ø “This is an order: go and see “YOU'LL GET USED TO IT!”! It will overwhelm you on all fronts with its irreverent and poignant portrayals [of Canadian soldiers]... the opening night audience was in stitches... tears were rolling down my face! ... Great entertainment!”  
The Simcoe Reformer

Ø YOU'LL GET USED TO IT!” was simply wonderful! Bursting with energy and charm, the production sent the audience on a two-hour high! Jokes come thick and fast at the beginning ... devastatingly funny... [later it] wrenches the heart. Beautifully shaded, [the play] drove forward with compelling force... the audience exploded with delight!” 
The Tribune (Markham)

Ø “Exuberant... poignant... offset by sketches of great hilarity! It was always moving, and never lagged. [There were] brimming eyes in the audience... a truly memorable evening of theatre. Shining through it all was the human spirit... its indomitability and strength.”  
The Barrie Advance


Ø “This play has everything... music, laughter and tears ... an outstanding piece of theatre... remarkable success!”  
The Barrie Banner

Ø “A unique combination of comedy and tragedy, music and dance. Real emotions... brought home, in a new way, the meaning of war. An entertaining blend of humor and drama... time seemed to fly by!” 
The Examiner

Ø “This potpourri of the war years is tender, frightening, painful and insightful. The show skipped along through wise-cracks, war scenes and moments of love and endearment... The audience gave it a standing ovation.”  
The Huronia Holiday


Ø WAR SHOW FULL OF GUTS AND GLORY! “Takes the audience through a range of emotions thanks to a humorous yet intelligent script... a flawless portrayal of life in the most difficult of times.  With rapid repartee and slapstick humour, the cast took the audience on a historic and hysterical romp.  Their romances, dreams and hopes all blend together in a story so heartfelt and real, the audience was audibly sniffing and wiping away tears.  The cast portrayed the rising of the human spirit with guts and ingenuity, garnering a well-deserved standing ovation.  The feelings are there, rare and un-censored, but the indomitable human spirit rises in the end."  
The Daily Courier

Ø THE WAR SHOW was the winner of the Encore Series Best Production award -- produced by Music Theatre Mississauga. 

Ø "I was in the grocery store yesterday and was hugged by so many people who really enjoyed your play.  For the first time here in 30 years the audience rose en masse to give standing ovations.  On closing night the cast all cried -- they didn't want to let the experience go."  
Director - Saint Bruno Theatre, Quebec

Ø "The show's Range of Emotions Keeps Audience Entranced ... this witty script and great cast play on the range of emotions we all have about war."
Sandy Wiseman, The Daily News

Ø "A poignant and unexpectedly humourous look at a momentous time in Canadian history, as told through the eyes of the soldiers who were there.  Peter Colley's play vividly colourizes a time many only know in black and white."  Caledon News, 2010

Ø "The War Show is hilarious, with jokes flying fast and furious; but there are also poignant moments as, one by one, four of the fun-loving lads make the ultimate sacrifice."  Arts Northumberland

The MusicMakers/Northunderland Players produced the play twice at the Victoria Hall, Cobourg, playing to sold-out houses and raising enough money to donate $10,000 to Habitat For Humanity.   The War Show is the single biggest money-maker in MusicMakers' 15-year history, a company which has donated over $150,000 to various Northumberland County charities.  For details, CLICK HERE

To see lots of photos of the Newmarket Stage 2007 production CLICK HERE
The Newmarket Stage Production was nominiated for 4 ACT-CO Festival Awards

Check out the posters & reviews from Drayton Entertainment's fabulous productions at THE DRAYTON FESTIVAL and THE HURON COUNTRY PLAYHOUSE and THE KING'S WHARF THEATRE

For information and REVIEWS on DRAYTON ENTERTAINMENT's productions and tour click on the poster below


Western Canada Theatre Company

Sunshine Theatre, Kelowna 2000

Western Canada Theatre Company


WS_Rev_Stirling_JPG.jpg (88838 bytes)

"You'll Get Used To It shines...

WS_Rev_Sunshine_JPG.jpg (49148 bytes)

"War Show, poignant, funny..." 

WS_Rev_Sunshine2_JPG.jpg (78907 bytes)

"War Show opens to rave review..."

WS_Rev_Guts&Glory_JPG.jpg (133786 bytes)
"Full of guts and glory... "

"Emotions run deep..."

"Audience explodes with delight..."


"Lines form for Lighthouse opener..."

'Outstanding Show'
'Outstanding Director'
'Outstanding Set Design'
'Outstanding Sound Design'
'Outstanding Costume Design'
'Outstanding Lead Actor' (Dusty)'
'Outstanding Supporting Actor' (Jean-Pierre)
'Outstanding Supporting Actress' (Susan)
'Most Memorable Solo' (You'll Get Used to It!)
'Most Memorable Musical Group Moment'

Scenes from THE WAR SHOW are published in the book "BEHIND THE SCENES - A CANADIAN SCENE BOOK" (Simon & Pierre)

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