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The Haldiman Press
Murder, mystery, and big laughs highlight Lighthouse’s best show of the season! If you’re looking for an evening of non-stop hilarity, wrapped around an entertaining old-fashioned murder mystery, then look no further. Playwright Peter Colley knows how to blend comedy and menace with near surgical precision. While the show features several over-the-top characters meant to draw big laughs, the central mystery at its core remains interesting throughout, and has a great twist ending. (It will) keep you entertained from beginning to end, and enough technical wizardry on display to leave you dazzled. This play is a true showstopper.

The Hamilton Spectator
"'The Real Sherlock Holmes' is an elegant first-rate production that will make you laugh... the perfect antidote... isn’t laughter the very thing we need when times are troubled? You bet! Jeff Dingle, a terrific Conan Doyle, has exactly the right sense of style and pace to make this spirited Peter Colley comedy work... (his) and other performances linger in the imagination long after the baddies are carted off to jail. Colley has a way of tethering light-hearted comedy with more serious dramatic intentions, and with 'The Real Sherlock Holmes' he gets this right, especially in the play’s glorious second act. Expect to see 'The Real Sherlock Holmes' popping up at regional theatres everywhere and soon."

98.9 myFM
"The game is afoot at Lighthouse Festival! We definitely recommend that you DO NOT miss this show. (This is) a hilarious whodunit, keeping the audience in stitches, especially in the 2nd half as the audience watched this mystery unravel... a marvelously mysterious story."

Port Dover Maple Leaf
‘The Real Sherlock Holmes’ a “must see”! This colourful, often funny tale had the audience in stitches... fast-paced sleuthing took the audience across Scottish soirees, bawdy houses, castles, misty moors, and stormy seas to the Western Isles. There is much to laugh at along the way... it was a big hit with the audience."
"A hilarious whodunit, keeping the audience in stitches".

Patron Letters:
- "Congratulations to everyone - it was wonderful! Everything was spot on! I hope this play and the playwright get the success it deserves."
- "We truly enjoyed this show. We haven't laughed this hard in a long time. We applaud both the writer, director, actors and the crew."
- "We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. A well-written play with a wonderful mix of sly and broad humour."